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Campaign Video Production. Louder Than Words.

Research tells us that we remember only 20% of what we read but 80% of what we see and hear.

It’s clear why video is such a necessary part of any effective media campaign.

One of our biggest strengths is our ability to realise a client’s wishes with our professionally produced campaign videos. Our years of experience in creative video communication has led to us working closely with clients on creating highly creative and effective community, educational, fundraising, social and marketing campaigns.

We have made many memorable films covering a diverse range of topics including Mental & Sexual Health, Identity, Knife, Gun and Gang Crime, Bullying, Crime, Anti Social Behaviour, Looked after children, Conflict Resolution, Access to the Arts, Disability, Social Mobility and Youth Politics.

Each film has successfully reached the target audience and fulfilled the expected outcomes of our clients brief.

We make eye candy.

Our films are rarely point and shoot, interview based films. We employ a mix of creative writing, interviews, case studies, sound bites, facts and statistics to create a powerful audience experience for your campaign. We then bring this to life with creative filmmaking techniques such as dramatisation, humour, animation, music and presenter/ narrator led content.

The planning stage typically involves creative meetings to establish what your core theme is, who your target audience is, what your expected outcomes are, what the call to action is plus any logistical plans such as how to distribute it to your audience. We will work closely with you to devise a creative treatment that tackles your campaign subject in as sensitive and compelling a manner as possible.

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Get The Life You Want (GLUW)

This short campaign film was made for Bradford Council’s Integrated Youth Support and the National Youth Agency.

The film employs the use of dramatised scenes and eye catching animations to highlight key issues surrounding young people in care. It follows the real life campaign of a group of young social activists from Bradford whom formed their own youth group called GLUW.

The campaign video along with a written report was used successfully to lobby local politicians and MP’s into raising issues regarding children in care on a local and national level.