Capturing real life at 24 frames per second

We do real life.

What sets us apart from other documentary film production companies is that we don’t shoot generic ‘off the shelf’ films. Our films focus on telling compelling stories in a visually engaging and cinematic way. We make original films that not only document an amazing story but capture real life stories about real people.

We take great care in making our films unique and employ a mix of many innovative filmmaking techniques from vignettes, animations, montages, photo slideshows, monologues to creative sound design. What is most important to us is that the films are memorable and reflect the heart of the story being told.

We do talent.

We are often commissioned by our clients to create documentaries that follow the journey of talented young people.

Nothing excites us more than having the opportunity to show the emotional and personal development of young people engaged in positive activities.

Here is a 5 min documentary film production we made for Yorkshire Dance called ‘Surveillance’ featuring the Rotherham Boys Project. 10 boys were joined by Pocket Projects and a professional dance artist in a two day project held at Wath Comprehensive School.

This was a fun project for the young dancers involved who discussed the implications of living in a ‘big brother’ society. Their findings were then choreographed into a brilliant ‘Dance for camera’ piece. The film was also a media training project which offered members of the group the opportunity to film their friends dance performance with an assortment of iPads, Spy Cams and Drones.

We do quirky.

In October 2015 we were commissioned by the YMCA to make a short documentary film production highlighting the YMCA’s Tea Hut building war effort during World War 1 from the perspective of young people from the local community.

We decided that a quirky little film shot in the style of a vintage Pathe Newsreel would fit the subject matter perfectly.

We’d love to hear about a compelling story that you would like us to document.


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