Film & Media Workshops

Upskilling the next generation of film & media talent

We are experts in film and media education. Serious.

Since 2006 we have held on to the simple belief that outreach film education works and can transform the lives of young people for the better. Our team of experienced freelance film tutors deliver accredited and non accredited creative film & media workshops, masterclasses and film projects to young people of mixed abilities from 5 – 25yrs in schools, universities and youth organisations across the UK.

Access for all.

We firmly believe that all young people should have access to quality film and media training. We have had the pleasure of delivering workshops in rural settings, Youth Clubs, Universities, Colleges, Schools, at the HQ of Charities and Broadcasters and even in Youth Prisons. It doesn’t matter where young people are geographically or what situation they are in we are an outreach provider and have the means to deliver our workshops to you whatever your circumstances.

What to expect. Fun. .

Our creative film workshops are designed not only as a fun way to introduce young people to the film production process but also a fun way to develop interpersonal skills such as leadership, confidence, planning and teamwork skills. Our workshops are participatory experiences where students get hands on experience of all aspects of film production from planning, scripting, storyboarding, filming to editing and produce their very own films to share within their school or organisation.

. . and some pretty nifty kit.

Young people will learn how to operate a range of high tech video equipment to shoot their own films depending on the needs of the client. We use a variety of film equipment ranging from iPad and Tablet Devices for our 1 Day courses to Professional Film Cameras, Sound and Lighting for our Academies and Masterclasses.

Participants will also learn how to edit their material using introductory and  advanced post production software including iMovie, Final Cut Pro & Premiere.


We deliver a great selection of film & media workshops designed for a range of abilities, SEN and age groups.

Our courses are aimed at Primary (5 -11yrs) & Secondary Schools (11 – 16), FE Colleges and Universities (16 – 25yrs).

  • 5 Day Half Term Film Academy
  • 1 Day Introduction To Filmmaking
  • 1 Day Filmmaking Masterclass
  • CPD
  • Consultancy

All of our film workshops can be tailored to fit any curriculum theme or topic of your choice.

Here are some typical themes that we have delivered:

Social Action Films, Campaign Films, TV Advert, TV Teaser, Film Trailer, Performance (Music/ Dance/ Spoken Word), Viral Videos

All of our workshops are led by qualified and experienced film tutors with full DBS Checks & Public Liability cover.

Our Trusted Clients and Partners.

For many of our film & media projects we are part of a wider initiative involving multiple creative partners.

Agencies that we have partnered with include CH4 Talent, BBC Outreach, Media Trust, LEAP Confronting Conflict, BFI, Into Film, Leeds Young Film Festival, CO-Operative Film Festival, Bradford City Of Film, Lancaster International Film Festival, HM Prison Service, The National Media Museum, NHS, Local City Councils, Local Education Authorities & Youth Services.

What media activities will your young people be engaged in for 2017?

Let us help launch the media careers of your young people.