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promotional video production company leeds

REACT | International Service | Promotional Video | 2’36

See how Charity International Service are challenging the stigma surrounding disability in Ghana

Charity Video Reel | 2’40

Find out how young community volunteers are making a difference in care homes for the elderly

Leeds video production company

FRESH 2017 | Yorkshire Dance | Documentary | 5′

Young dance artists share there experiences whilst partaking in Yorkshire Dance's annual regional youth dance showcase FRESH

Video Production showreel

Be Inspired | 2017 Showreel | 1′

Our 2017 showreel is bigger and better and features some the UK's most inspiring young people .

video production company leeds

Call Me Unique | Yeast Culture | Aldeburgh Music | Artist Promo | 1′

Artist promo for quirky singer and loop artist Call Me Unique shot at Snape Maltings (Aldeburgh Music), Suffolk

Video Learning Resource

A Young Person’s Guide To Restorative Justice | Online Interactive Learning Resource | JAMES Charity | 1′

interactive online learning resource 'A young person's guide to Restorative Justice' produced to assist in the teaching of Restorative Justice.

Promo Video

Water, Water | Northern Ballet | Montage | 4’39

Take a look behind the scenes of Northern Ballet's 2012 Cultural Olympiad dance and dive project 'Water, Water'.

short film production company

Ratzilla | Short Film | 15′

A troubled boy falls foul of the law fighting to protect a large mysterious rat from an increasingly fearful community seeking to destroy it.

video documentary production

REBUZZ | Yorkshire Dance | Documentary | 6′

ReBuzz is an all-male youth dance company for boys aged 11-19, launched in 2013, which has grown out of Yorkshire Dance’s Rotherham Boys Project.

promotional video

Takeover Day | Bradford Council | Promotional Video | 3′

Showcasing Bradford Council's annual Takeover Day for young people and employers from the local community

short drama production

The Incident | Short Film | 3’16s

A short drama production created for interactive online video learning resource 'A young person's guide to Restorative Justice'

documentary production

Born In A Different Time | Documentary | 3′

Watch as young wartime re-enactors share their experiences of the annual 1940's Weekend, Haworth, Bradford, England.

artist video promo

Abimaro | Yeast Culture | Aldeburgh Music | Artist Promo | 1′

Folk singer Abimaro muses on her life as a singer, shot at Snape Maltings, Suffolk

documentary video

Celebrating 10 Years in Youth Media | Promotional Film | 5′

Promo film to celebrate a decade of youth media with Pocket Projects and why our film productions and training projects continue to inspire young people across the UK.

2016 Video Production Reel

2016 Video Production Showreel | 1′

Shorts, Docs, Promos and everything but the kitchen sink!

Video Production Company Leeds

Surveillance | Yorkshire Dance | Documentary | 8’51s

Watch as the lad's from Rotherham Boys Project dodge sinister CCTV, Monitors and drones as they take part in exciting dance-for-camera project ‘Surveillance’

artist promo film

Project Soul | Artist Promo | 3′

Follow ultra creative artist Desmond share why he makes music and his take on the word Soul.

Video Showreel

2016 Documentary Showreel | 3′

Excerpts from some of our diverse documentary productions

documentary film

Tea & Remembrance | YMCA | Documentary | 6′

This 6 min doc highlights Bradford YMCA's Tea and Remembrance World War 1 Project.

promotional film production

Alternative Education In Bradford | JAMES Charity | Promotional Film | 4′

A 4 minute doc celebrating the success of alternative education provision by JAMES (Joint Activities and Motor Education Service)

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