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A short and sweet promotional video expertly made by Pocket Projects will give your organisation all the kudos it deserves. In the 21st Century any business that doesn’t have an online video presence will be heading downhill on roller skates. According to Cisco worldwide leader in IT “By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic“. It’s no secret that video is the future of all content marketing and shareable web films have become the fastest way for a business to convey exactly what it is they do.


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Promotion is not all about blowing your own trumpet it’s about blowing other peoples too. Impress potential funders and backers with an engaging corporate promotional video about the amazing people behind your organisation. Move local politicians and change makers with a heartfelt film about young people involved in inspiring social action.

Whether it’s a video for a tantalising product or an exceptional service we’ll guide you through the whole process from concept to delivery. We guarantee that our years of experience as skilled storytellers and professional promotional video production service will result in a film that makes your organisation stand out from the rest.

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Rebuzz. Who says boys don’t dance?

In February 2016 we were commissioned by Yorkshire Dance to make a promotional video about flagship Rotherham Boys Project.

ReBuzz which is an all-male youth dance company for boys aged 11-19, was launched in 2013 and was funded by Provident Financial. Over the 3 years of its life it has created many opportunities for boys to dance in the four areas of Wath, Swinton, Herringthorpe and Kimberworth.

Meet the members of Rebuzz in our 6 minute film and hear all about the great stuff that they did whilst taking part in this fantastic youth and community initiative.


Bradford Takeover Day 2015

This 3 minute promotional video showcases Bradford Council’s annual Takeover Day which serves to engage employers working with young people from the local community to develop a stronger, safer, happier, cohesive and more productive community.




Making waves with Alternative Education in Bradford

In December 2016 we were commissioned for a second time by Bradford based youth charity JAMES. The brief was to produce an inspirational 4 minute promotional video showcasing their unique alternative education provision.


We believe the final film was a success in documenting what this amazing charity does for young people unable to cope with mainstream education. The film will be launched within Bradford schools in early 2017.