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How We Work

Leeds Video Services - Making life easy for our clients

Most people will never have gone through the process of commissioning a professional video production. For some clients this process may be less daunting when filtered through the Marketing & Comms dept of an organisation. However we can't assume that's the same for everyone so to make things easy we've broken down our creative and technical approach into 6 clearly defined stages.

Stage 1 - The Conversation

You will find that when working with Pocket Projects the focus is all on your brief. Our process begins with an initial conversation via email, phone, video conference or face to face. This is your opportunity to tell us all about your organisation, your target audience and most importantly your exciting project proposal. At this point we’re happy to just listen and learn as much as we can about your brand.

We’ll then draft a project proposal detailing how we propose to connect with your target audience and how your fantastic new video production will look. Finally we discuss the practicalities of how we aim to fulfil your brief based on your budget and present you with an engagement contract.

Stage 2 - Ideas Development

Once contracts are signed we move onto ideas development. At this pre-production stage our creative team will flesh out as many ideas as possible but then shortlist only the best concepts based on their creative and innovative merit. This is an essential stage of the planning process as a Creative Treatment serves as a clear road map of what the finished film will look like and means of ironing out any potential problems ahead of the shoot.

We will then present you with a finalised Creative Treatment/ Storyboard and/or Draft Script along with specific details of the production schedule and how we intend to get your film made.

Stage 3 - The Shoot

The Creative Treatment will now have been signed off by you, giving us the greenlight to go into the Production stage. This stage typically involves the most people ranging from onscreen talent eg. Actors/ Presenters/ Contributors to the crew e.g. Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Sound Recordist, Production Assistants etc. Depending on your budget, the production team could consist of a sole selfshooting director/producer to a crew of 15+ personnel.

Stage 4 - The Edit

Now the shoot is over we begin Post Production. During this phase our creative editors will sculpt your film from a rough edit into a masterpiece that tells your story beautifully. We will also add any additional creative elements such as Graphics, Voice Overs, Sound Design, Music Soundtrack and Colour Grade. You will have two opportunities to review your film at our studio or online allowing you to proof watch and make suggestions for us to revise. The project will be signed off once you are happy with the revisions.

Stage 5 - Delivery

We will deliver/ distribute the video masters to you in whatever format as specified by you in the initial project proposal. This can either be as a digital download via online FTP sites eg. WeTransfer or similar, or we can post your master or additional copies on a USB.

Stage 6 - Legacy

The end of a creative video production does not mean the end of our relationship with you. As a valued client we will advise you on what we believe is the best media distribution strategy to get your content seen, whether that be suggesting what Social Media app, Video hosting platform or Festivals to enter. We will also, with your consent, promote your content through our own media channels. We believe that working with a client is a symbiotic process and by cross promoting your film as a case study in our own company marketing campaigns we both end up generating new interest for each other thus maximising our audience reach. Win Win.

Our Leeds video production services

Promotional Video Production

Use the power of video to promote your brilliant projects.

Documentary Video Production

Tell human and people focused stories in a unique and memorable way.

Short Film Production

Add a little Hollywood magic to elevate your project.

Charity Video Production

Raise awareness of the issues you care deeply about with a campaign film.

Social Media Videos + Digital Content

Share and share 'A like'

Arts Film Production

Reveal the world of creativity and imagination through video.

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