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Educational Video Producers

Breathing new life into the humble Learning Resource

Since 2006 we've had a proven track record of creating powerful and compelling educational learning resources to help organisations effectively deliver internal and external training. We have devised many bespoke video and digital resources to assist in the delivery of; staff training programs, continuing professional development, staff inductions, staff refreshers, health and safety, public awareness and many more corporate applications.

Our educational videos come in a range of production styles from on trend vlog style 'How To's, case study videos, bite size documentaries to content for educational resources. Our professional educational films not only fit corporate briefs but also appeal to a modern social media savvy audience and feature many creative production techniques.

Not your average educational video producers.

We use many creative techniques to make your educational videos engaging and memorable. Modern approaches that work well for social media such as large font type, kinetic text, bold block colour palletes, subtitles and motion graphics. This approach not only looks great on screen, but it makes all of our videos easy to watch with or without sound, on mobile and tablet platforms and more importantly, allow digital accessibility for hearing and sight impaired viewers.

Interactive Digital Resources

Project: A film legacy for enterprising communities

In 2020 we were commissioned by UK social entreprenur funding body UnLtd to produce a series of 12 bite-size digital learning ‘How to’ videos & vlogs featuring community partners and social entrepreneurs across the UK. Each video features a specific location where social entrepreneurs face similar challenges and opportunities, to give a sense of breadth and insight into how social entrepreneurs can learn from one another. The videos are used as a tool to generate discussion and spark ideas among local people at events, workshops and gatherings, and are housed in UnLtd’s online learning hub, as a collection of films for people interested in making their area even better

Project: SHIFT Dance Toolkit

In 2020 we were commissioned by Northern Ballet to produce a series of 8 educational videos & a single public dissemination film highlighting the teaching of dance to SEND adult dancers. The films are part of an Erasmus Funded International project and saw our team filming at several dance companies from the UK, Netherlands and Spain during the first part of 2020. The research project was also conducted in partnership with the University of Leeds & Edinburgh.

Project: FRESH Challenge - Yorkshire Dance

In 2020 we were commissioned by Yorkshire Dance to produce a cool 'How To' video for social media that would appeal to young dancers and enable them to shoot their own dance film during lockdown.

The series of shorts was shared successfully accross Yorkshire Dance's Instagram and Twitter accounts racking up thousands of views by keen young dance filmmakers and creatives.

Project: A Young Person's Guide To Restorative Justice

This innovative interactive Online & DVD learning resource was commissioned in 2015 by Youth Charity JAMES & Bradford Metropolitan District Council. It is a series of 18 informative short films produced to assist in the teaching of Restorative Justice (RJ). Although aimed primarily at young people (12yrs +) this learning resource is also a powerful tool to assist those currently in the process of becoming RJ Practitioners. Each video ends with annotated options enabling the viewer to proceed to another video of their choosing making each viewing a unique learning experience. The resource has been a massive success for JAMES and is currently being used by Bradford Youth Offending Team and Bradford Council in the teaching of Restorative Justice to young people and staff professionals across the Bradford district.

The film was shot over 2 days mainly at JAMES HQ but also at several other locations by a 2 person crew shoot and basic camera, sound and lighting equipment.

The film was launched in Jan 2017 both online and on DVD and is now forwarded to schools across the Bradford district.

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