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In today's seemingly media obsessed society, we can often get lost in all of the perpetual superficial celebrity stories or fear-based news media peddling endless reports of angst, fear and hopelessness. It's easy to become ignorant to what is happening in the real world, the space that most of us occupy, where all of the good stuff really happens but, if left undocumented, fades away quietly into the background.

Our films focus on telling compelling stories in a visually engaging and cinematic way. We make original films that not only document an amazing story but capture real life stories about real people.

CASE STUDY: Into The Light

In April 2017 we were commissioned by Leeds based dance agency Yorkshire Dance to make a 15 minute documentary video production following the behind the scenes journey of 50 community dancers as they perform Into The Light, a brand new piece created by acclaimed choreographer Gary Clarke.

The piece was created to mark LGBT50 and premiered during the summer as part of Hull UK City of Culture.

The film was shot over 3 rehearsal days and a final performance day at Victoria Square, Hull city centre.

It was an observational shoot which captured key stages of the process from concept to delivery. The film features interviews with Gary Clarke and selected dancers from the LGBT and Hull community to create an upbeat and energetic film that captures the spirit of the event.

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