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Here at Pocket Projects we have decided to launch a brand new YouTube channel featuring a series of original films exclusively shot and directed by us.

The purpose of these pocket sized films is that we wanted to make our own social media content that would delve into communities and hidden worlds. We aim to bring attention to stories that we think are not only interesting but are genuinely worth sharing with the world. 

The twist being we’re keeping them one minute long.


Well in today’s fast paced world, we know that time is a premium which is why we want to serve you with social media content that can be easily digested whilst you’re on the go. So whether you’re on the train or taking a short work break our films offer a little escape without  disturbing your general routine.

Our main aim is to uplift, move, provoke and challenge people with compelling content one minute at a time.

Our first Pocket Story is about the amazingly talented and all round good guy Ruben Reuter an 18-year-old; TV Actor, Dancer, Musician, Swimmer and Filmmaker from Huddersfield, England.

We defy anyone not to be moved by Ruben’s infectious personality and his positive outlook on life. In this one minute film you’ll get to hear all about his many passions that he somehow manages to cram into a single day.

We look forward to bringing you more wide and varied Pocket Stories and and don’t forget to tell us any suggestions for future Pocket Stories in the comments section below!

You can watch the film right here! Please Like, Share and don’t forget to subscribe to our new channel too 🙂 

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