Our work in the public sector

We’ve been working with National and Local Government across UK cities, towns and communities for over a decade and our portfolio of work includes an impressive range of projects in Education, Heritage, Health, Children’s & Youth Services.


Many of our film commissions involve multiple partnerships across multi-year projects over months and even years. Each project is unique and our team are happy to guide your personnel through the whole filmmaking process whether they be an Officer, Team Leader, Access and Engagement Officer, Education Partnerships Lead, SMT, SLT, Director or Board Member.

Creative Storytellers

What sets us apart from other film companies is that we refuse to shoot generic films. Our films are focussed on telling compelling stories in as visually engaging and cinematic way as possible. We make original films about people, that not only document projects for stakeholders but are also valued legacy pieces that are either to be used as Learning Resources, displayed at conferences or entered into relevant film festivals.

Working in the education sector

We create broadcast quality film productions and deliver accredited and non accredited creative film & media workshops, masterclasses and film projects in schools, colleges to young people in Key Stages 1 - 5 as well as at universities to 18+ students. We offer work experience opportunities for young people which includes work based learning along with internships, mentoring and inspirational talks.

Film Workshops
West Oaks SEN School Ecopod Still
promotional video

Putting Young People First

Many of our video production and outreach education projects focus on the lives of young people. We’ve delivered inspirational projects for a range or clients and partners across a wide spectrum of social concerns. Whether that be working with NHS Early Intervention teams to challenge the stigma around mental health, raising attainment levels through film with Leeds City Council, promoting health and well being in PE, bringing creative arts to HMPS or tackling social isolation in the Care System.

West Oaks SEN School

Brief: To create a 2 minute promo film showcasing inspirational student led 16+ business enterprise initiative We Can Do Co.

Objective: We were tasked with producing a vibrant upbeat film that would showcase the ambitious students running their own business in a dynamic way rather than resorting to an interview format. The school in their own words described their existing content as boring and wanted a fresh new ideas.

Production Notes

The film was shot over 1.5 days with a 2 person crew in Boston Spa & Leeds.

Impact: The promo was launched mid 2018 with massive success at the SEND Moving Forward conference and has since received over 1.5k views on Twitter. On the back of this success we were re-commissioned to shoot a 2nd Promo this time showcasing the schools Excellence For Everyone ethos. This film has been an even bigger success and we are now partnering with the school to create a series of films documenting the schools progress over the next 3 years.

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