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Well it’s 2018 and despite indulging in some much needed downtime, mince pies and festive family fun we’re kinda looking forward to getting back to doing what we do best.

Our primary focus for this year will be on listening to the needs of our existing clients, forging new client relationships and creating exciting new video content that adds value, meaning, ROI and most importantly satisfaction for everyone.  

So much so that we’ve even coined a brand new strapline to remind us along the way;

‘We make people content’ . .

Ok so we admit that it is a little cheesy . . but we still think as a play on words it sums us up pretty well.

How we made people content in 2017

Last year we created powerful films for organisations that required compelling films to tackle a wide range of social issues & themes including; isolation, loneliness, disability, sexuality and identity. Some of the themes were pretty painful to cover especially when 2017 was such a bittersweet year of political division, terrorism and horrific community tragedies. 

However not all of our commissions were about serious social concerns, we still had opportunities to make films about the lighter side of life and on some occasions we departed from our specialism within the youth sector to make films for the corporate & commercial sector.

Nevertheless we still approached all of our video projects with the same high production values, creativity & attention to detail as in all of our productions. 

2017’s been a great year for Pocket Projects and as a result of delivering great content we are now high up the first page of Google and appreciate the interest received from the many new clients that discovered us simply through searches. We also salute all of our regular clients for your continued faith in our services and also for referring others to our video services.

On the back of this we’ve already got loads of similar cool projects lined up for 2018 but before we rush in and declare our grand plans for global domination allow us to share this short 3 minute client testimonial video given by two of our clients

A cool end to 2017

At the start of last December we were pleasantly surprised to find that Creative Skillset’s professional network ‘Hiive’ had selected Pocket Projects to be one of their 3 Top UK Companies Editors picks.

We’re not exactly sure what this brief exposure to the whole of UK’s creative community means for us (please God make it a Bafta?? . . ) but we’ll soak up all of our 15 secs of kudos whilst it lasts  😎

Hope to see you at some point on our 2018 journey!

The Pocket Projects Team 

This is our new Blog . . look out for regular posts featuring client case studies, video production updates, media education, news and all things weird and wonderful in the world of Pocket Projects.

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